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Painting the Face

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The child’s costume was the influence for the face painting.

Face… Portraiture is my forte whether as Ink rendering, Gouache Painting (an opaque watercolor) Fused Stained Glass or Face Painting. We human beings are fascinating. With basically the same set of features we’re infinitely different looking. Capturing these various nuances in a manner that is more intriguing than a photograph is a fetching challenge. Haven’t you heard someone say …she/he’s fetching. Well, I’ve always presumed that to be a complimentary statement. If there is one thing I’ve learned about creating a likeness, especially from my great aunt of 80 plus years, people are more inclined to like pleasing portraits. These days, people proficient in Photoshop are giving me a run for my money. I’ll join them someday. I remind myself that … This moment is as it should be.

At this moment, I have fun with my 35mm and digital camera, capturing candid photos of people. This child allowed me to create an iconic image on her face,that’s inspired by her costume. These images on occasion become reference for my portrait and figurative artworks.

a sculptural approach with Fused Stained Glass

Art that graces a flat surface rather than a wall.

Often, I start creating ink drawings within an environment. I love sketching people as if I’m racing against the clock, capturing their likeness before they move. What’s particularly wonderful is listening to and sketching a musician. Their motion and music, at once, are pitched to 2 of my senses . Once savoring the sound experience is completed, the next stage involves either re-doing the image as a Linear Painting of a Representational Painting within my studio. The most distinct difference between the two techniques is the Linear Painting appears as a white line drawing separating lots of pools of color.

A representational style looks a good deal like the subject.

During the last few years, it seemed natural for me to transition from the Linear Painting look to Leaded Stained Glass. Here is a good place to pause and welcome you to view my other art that is Commission Art or something I wanted to create. Requests for portraits can be from head to bust or full figure, clothed. Please contact me through my email


Author: Tomyé: Living Artist

This is another moment when I'm stepping back to readdress the many unfinished projects. There's the need to stay focused, organized and deliberate, so these things get done. I enjoy accomplishing things, a good meal, projecting a positive public persona, giving people the best I have to offer. Tutoring young people and counseling visual Artists uplifts me as well. Did you know channel 32 for those who don't have cable is a very enlightening alternative of receiving world view info. I very much like the dw/ and the Classic Arts program. Wolf, wolf Arsenio and the popular calling of women guys, leaves me to question the voices of culture.

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