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Framing Someone

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B/W has a striking presence of fond memories

precious items worth seeing displayed

1. A very traditional approach of adding the illusion of more space to the background of the photograph is to select a mat color or value of a color very similar to the background.  The front of the charcoal grey wood frame,  has a substantial weight to give a sense of proportion to the scale of the image, in this case a portrait.                            

2.  What’s poignant to you is personal. Remain comfortable with what you select as a 3D item to have framed in a shadow box.  We’ll discuss in what manner and size you’d like to have the item, matted, the color surrounding the item, whether I cut a board or also cover it with fabric, and frame your item in wood, metal, clear acrylic box, or create something unusual.    

childs drawing

3. Encouraging your child to continue their creative talent, is a fondness never forgotten.  I speak from the experience of my parents allowing me the indulgence to create Art since the age of six.  There is nothing that replaces a love which allows a child to be continuously nourished, whether they stick with their interests or it often shifts.

dried flower petals line the mat within a handmade triangular painted wood frame  

handmade frames of unusual shapes

antique frames lend themselves to images taken long ago

antique frames lend themselves to images taken long ago


Author: Tomyé: Living Artist

This is another moment when I'm stepping back to readdress the many unfinished projects. There's the need to stay focused, organized and deliberate, so these things get done. I enjoy accomplishing things, a good meal, projecting a positive public persona, giving people the best I have to offer. Tutoring young people and counseling visual Artists uplifts me as well. Did you know channel 32 for those who don't have cable is a very enlightening alternative of receiving world view info. I very much like the dw/ and the Classic Arts program. Wolf, wolf Arsenio and the popular calling of women guys, leaves me to question the voices of culture.

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