Tomyé: Living Artist

Encouraging Art Engagement

Renditions of Figures

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I have enjoyed teaching figure drawing since 1996 at Studio One Art Center, a City of Oakland, Office of Parks and Recreation facility.  I also continue to sit in figure drawing sessions and make ink renderings.  Developing ink drawings into Gouache Paintings, dubbed Linear Art, is done in my studio.  It is an easy process to teach in a Basic Painting class at the Malonga.  This class doesn’t include drawing models. To obtain more info please ask for Tomye’ (toe-may) by calling (510) 238-2786 the number at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, where I currently work.  When leaving a voice mail, please leave your contact info.


Author: Tomyé: Living Artist

This is another moment when I'm stepping back to readdress the many unfinished projects. There's the need to stay focused, organized and deliberate, so these things get done. I enjoy accomplishing things, a good meal, projecting a positive public persona, giving people the best I have to offer. Tutoring young people and counseling visual Artists uplifts me as well. Did you know channel 32 for those who don't have cable is a very enlightening alternative of receiving world view info. I very much like the dw/ and the Classic Arts program. Wolf, wolf Arsenio and the popular calling of women guys, leaves me to question the voices of culture.

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