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PG (Pretty Girl) Doll

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PG(Pretty Girl) Doll

Often when the doll is put down, the dog realizes the child is about to take a nap and so does she.

It is my intention since committing to becoming a participant in the 2010 Festival of Black Dolls Show & Sale scheduled for Sat. Nov. 13, 10:00 -5:00 to have several items that depict dolls.  I confirmed with staff that I would have paintings of dolls, not actual dolls.  Now I’m not sure I’ll make it.  My body seems to have a different plan.  It could be that I’ve pushed myself too much.  I’m going to challenge myself to have some Art to sell.  Certainly, I’ll accept requests to visit my Studio to view more.

The Show and Sale are planned to take place at Piedmont Avenue School, 4314 Piedmont Ave off Echo in Oakland CA.  That’s not far from the Ace Hardware on Grand.  There is a $5 Admission fee.  Children 12 and younger can enter without charge.  I plan to be there…

“Her Story Is About To Be Told” is my 7th ink and Gouache Painting illustration added to the Doll series.  This Artwork was added to text that had been copied onto a beautiful golden toned mulberry type paper that had been adhered to  acid free paper….Is that to much info.  You can view the original, among other fine works of Art by local artists, on exhibit at the Alameda Historical & Art Museum opening with a public reception / performance Sat. Jan. 15, 11:30-3:30.  2324 Alameda Av., near Encinal Av., Alameda CA                 (510) 521-1233


Author: Tomyé: Living Artist

This is another moment when I'm stepping back to readdress the many unfinished projects. There's the need to stay focused, organized and deliberate, so these things get done. I enjoy accomplishing things, a good meal, projecting a positive public persona, giving people the best I have to offer. Tutoring young people and counseling visual Artists uplifts me as well. Did you know channel 32 for those who don't have cable is a very enlightening alternative of receiving world view info. I very much like the dw/ and the Classic Arts program. Wolf, wolf Arsenio and the popular calling of women guys, leaves me to question the voices of culture.

One thought on “PG (Pretty Girl) Doll

  1. Hi Julie:

    Have you received my jpegs sent several weeks ago after your inquiry. If so has there been a decision so I may properly plan.

    Best of All have a fond Holiday season @ @

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