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Painting the Face

The child’s costume was the influence for the face painting.

Face… Portraiture is my forte whether as Ink rendering, Gouache Painting (an opaque watercolor) Fused Stained Glass or Face Painting. We human beings are fascinating. With basically the same set of features we’re infinitely different looking. Capturing these various nuances in a manner that is more intriguing than a photograph is a fetching challenge. Haven’t you heard someone say …she/he’s fetching. Well, I’ve always presumed that to be a complimentary statement. If there is one thing I’ve learned about creating a likeness, especially from my great aunt of 80 plus years, people are more inclined to like pleasing portraits. These days, people proficient in Photoshop are giving me a run for my money. I’ll join them someday. I remind myself that … This moment is as it should be. Continue reading

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Reflected Moments

Moments are not just reflected within your head, sometimes if you’re quick you can photograph unexpected images created on a wall. Such is what took place with the image on the far left. A marvelous sunny day illuminated past the items on the window sill and with the presence of mind to grab my camera and shoot with one hand while interjecting my other hand into the projected image on the wall, I captured this stunning shot.

Study Of Wicket Ladies, is a play on titles, I’m bemused by. When the Camron-Stanford House on Lake Merritt in Oakland was open to visitors, I recollect in the 1980s, I took many shots of a group dressed in turn of the century victorian dress. They played croquet on the grass that surrounds the House. I remember it was the 4th of July. The atmosphere was very patriotic.

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Timing: Joyce Gordon Gallery Exhibit

Where one treads or speaking the current phrase, leaves a carbon footprint, may matter.  Closer scrutiny of what I can do in my Art to reduce waste, involves several friends, neighbors and buddies. They provide me with beer and wine bottles.  Collectively, they enhance the meager number of bottles I usually have to work with.  Cutting beer, wine and window glass and fusing them to create “Art de objects” is my latest fascination. Continue reading


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